Why Hike is better then Whatsapp


There are many messengers available in the market but we used to talk mostly about two of them which is whatsapp and hike and we get very confused which is better so in this post I will tell you which the better option and why it is better.”Before” comparing each other we need to know bit about them. Whatsapp is owned by Facebook or we can say the parent company beside whats app is Facebook  .It is not developed by Facebook . Whatsapp is founded by Jan koum and Brian acton both are the ex. Employ of yahoo when they founded whatsapp. And then they sell whatsapp to Facebook at 19 billion USD.


Hike is an Indian company. Which is founded by Kevin bharti mittal and launched on 12 December 2012? Hike is available for the entire platform for phone like android, iosSymbian, blackberry OS.

Function Hike Whatsapp
Security High less
Stickers More option Can use only emoji
Better interface Bit compicated Easy to use
Story Can post only pictures Can post pictures and videos
Offline chat Yes no
Privacy Hidden mode with password and pin No hidden mode
Free sms Yes no
News Yes No
Cricket scores Yes No
Group members 500 256
Sharing .docx, .apk, .zip, .pdf, .txt. (100mb) .txt, and .pdf(16 to 30mb)
Messaging speed High medium
Which is better ?

After seeing the table comparation we don’t need for this conclusion Hike is winner in every field you. If you want then you choose Hike your instant messaging app which is offering more features in compare to whatsapp. Well still whatsapp is used most of the world in compare to Hike so you can find mostly anybody on whatsapp, so I will suggest you to use both because you can find everybody on hike and instant messaging is very important for us nowadays.
So thank you guys for reading this post if you have any suggestions related to this you can write in the comment section down below. If I have done any mistake in the article I a very sorry for that I will try to improve my English.


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