Krupanidhi College PUC Failed Student Believes In Entrepreneurship


This Seventeen year old Anonymous who studies In Krupanidhi College Failed Within his 1st PU Final Examination. He Joined Krupanidhi PU College In 2017 at the month of June. He’s passionate about tech so he decided to take PCMC Which comes in Science. He did not understand the theories of “Issac Newton” However he Knew The Biography of Mark Zuckerberg. He’d not understand “Newton’s Second law” But he knew Your Facebook Password. Know you guys might be wondering who’s He. Let us find out


Krupanidhi College PUC Failed Student Believes In “Entrepreneurship”

Krupanidhi College
Krupanidhi College

He did not possess that interest in chemistry that he’d in Tech.  when his teacher explained derivations he was lost deep into illusions. When every one wanted Relationships he preferred Entrepreneurship. When Everybody was busy making BFF and buddies he was Busy Chasing bucks.


Who is he ?

Meet Sanjeev Tiwari, a veritable magician of tech who’s a blogger,a technology enthusiast, a freelancer, an ethical hacker, an entrepreneur and a fervent speaker. At age 17, Sanjeev he was able to perform a good deal. Without a household background in business or computers, the story began ten years past after 7 year-old Sanjeev got his computer.

Therefore on he started to experiment. He had been a 13 year-old kid when he heard the phrase SEO and know he’s a SEO Expert. He established his first website while he was studying at 8th Grade. Later He also realized he got some skills and he became a Freelancer and got Paid by clients for his efforts. An Year Later with that Bucks He Started Playing With Bitcoins and entered the Arena of Cryptocurrency That Is a Hype know. When he told his friends to purchase Bitcoins Back in 2016 all of his classmates where laughing and Now “Bitcoin” is a great hype.

What’s he upto ?

He’s busy Developing His own Digital Media Platform “The Geeky Kid PVT LTD” And Trying hard to enter more deep in the The Crypto mining Arena.The Geeky Kid is an online electronic media platform focused on technology, with reviews and news of tech products, especially gadgets and tutorials that are crazy. It started its website from 2018.

About the Author: Sanjeev Tiwari

He is Sanjeev A Tech Geek ,blogger ,Freelancer , entrepreneur ,Ethical Hacker. He is Basically Going nuts behind Android he tries discovering something new He Tries Exploring Something new He Just Wanna Help and Share people His Knowledge So Let’s Help Him And Keep Supporting Him

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