How to Enable Google Assistant Hindi on Your Android Device

Google Assistant Hindi

After weeks of promotion, Google has finally attracted Hindi language service to Google Assistant in its own worldwide push for the service. However, Lots of users are confused as to how to get Google Assistant from Hindi and the best way to actually Speak to Google Assistant at Hindi. Well, if you are one of those individuals, fret not, because we show You How You Can readily enable Google Assistant Hindi in your own Android apparatus:

Google Assistant

How to Enable Google Assistant Hindi on your Android Device

Note:- I tried the next method on my Xiaomi Mi A1 running Android Oreo 8.0, and it functioned fine.

Inch. To begin with, be sure you’re running the latest edition of this Google app in your own device. Follow this link, and then tap on “Update” to update your own Google app to the newest version.

Note: When the Google update isn’t designed to you personally, be sure you take a look at later because Google continues to be rolling out the brand new update to everyone else.

2. Next up, go to Preferences -> Language & input -> Speech.

3. Now tap “Add a language”. You will now be given a list of languages.

4. When you have inserted Hindi as a speech, hold down on the 3-bar icon near it and drag up it, to put it as the device’s default language.

5. And that’s it. Simply state “okay Google” or hold down the home button to activate Google Assistant, and talk to it in Hindi speech.

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Speak to Google Assistant at Hindi Today
The ability to talk into Google Assistant in the Hindi language makes the entire user experience a lot simpler for Android users from India.

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